If you would like to audition for the group, please send us an email with your musical experience. We would like to hear one song ‘performed’ completely acappella. We will also sing some harmony with you and test your sight-reading skills. Acappella experience is not required.

We are currently looking for:

  • soloists
  • background singers
  • vocal percussionists

Primary Contact:
Mike Lenoir

One Response to Contact

  1. Lex Rofes says:

    Hi there! My name’s Lex Rofes. I sang acappella for 4 years in college for a group at Brown University called The Brown Derbies. I’m living in Jackson now and was psyched to see that there’s a new acappella group! I’m only living in Mississippi for 9 more months (2-year fellowship at the Institute of Southern Jewish Life ends June 2015), but I’d love to learn more about y’all. Not sure if I’ll have time to commit to singing with you (or beatbox, because I have a bit of experience with that), but I might be able to. If not, I’d at least love to go to some of your performances. If you’d like a sense of my voice/style, below is a link to one of my solos from my Senior year of college.

    All the best,

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